Meet Our Staff

Tomah Baptist Academy is served by a faculty and staff of dedicated Christian men and women who love their students and who want to help them grow in their relationship to Christ. Known for their interest in every student, the faculty has been carefully selected on the basis of their Christian testimony, educational preparation, and teaching experience to give each student a thorough education.

Dr. Ron Tobin

Testimony for Dr. Ron Tobin:

Dr. Tobin has been the pastor of Tomah Baptist Church for 25 years. Saved in 1972, he answered the Lord's call in 1973 to be trained as a pastor at Maranatha Baptist Bible College, receiving his Masters of Theology, Bethany Theological Seminary in Dothan, Alabama, then later completed his Ph. D at Louisiana Baptist University. He and his wife, Pat have taught for over 35 years from Elementary through College aged students. He is currently the TBA Administrator. He has also been the chief counselor for the substance abuse division of the hospital, is a published author and leader on various Christian boards and organizations around Wisconsin.

Pastor Paul Oatsvall

Testimony for Pastor Paul Oatsvall

Pastor Paul Oatsvall was born into a Christian home in Tomah, Wisconsin, and was a member of Tomah Baptist Church until 8th grade.  At the age fourteen, he put his trust in Jesus Christ as his Savior, then surrendered to full-time ministry at the age of eighteen. He is also graduate of Tomah Baptist Academy. Most of his collegiate schooling was done at Ambassador Baptist College, but ultimately he earned his B.A. in Theology from Southern Indiana Baptist College. He met his wife, Katie, while they were both counselors working at Camp Chetek, and was married in 2006. They have one daughter, Addie, who is an answer to many years of prayer.  After several years of being active in ministry in local churches across the country, Paul has returned home to Tomah, and is very excited to be serving along side those with whom he grew up.

Upper Learning Center and History Teacher
Mr. Colden Hershey

Lower Learning Center Instructor
Miss Morgan Day

Testimony for Miss Morgan Day

Born into a Christian home in New Lisbon, Wisconsin, Miss Day has attended First Baptist Church since the first Sunday she was home from the hospital.  At the age of four, she recognized she was a sinner, and that she needed the gift of salvation only Jesus Christ could give.  Along with her three younger brothers, she was homeschooled, graduating in 2014 from Wisconsin Virtual Academy.  She continued her education at Western Technical College in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, where she received her Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education in April of 2016. Miss Day has expressed how excited she is to start teaching in the Lower Learning Center (Grades 1-2) at Tomah Baptist Academy.


Middle Learning Center Instructor
Mrs. Terra Pries

Testimony for Mrs. Terra Pries:

Mrs. Pries is a 2005 graduate of Tomah Baptist Academy. After graduation, when went on to receive her B.S. in Elementary Education from Indiana Baptist College in 2008. She spent three years teaching at Chapel Hill Christian School in Indianapolis, Indiana. While there, she received experience through the opportunity of teaching Preschool through the 4th Grade. She also worked in the Before & After School Care program. While at Chapel Hill, she sought specific training for Preschool from Child Care Answers. After Mrs. Pries and her husband, Kyle returned to her hometown, she accepted a position from Tomah Baptist Academy in 2011 to teach the Kindergarten and 1st Grade. Mrs. Pries now teach the middle learning center for second through sixth grades, and is the mother of 5 beautiful children.

Mrs. Laurie Hohlfeld
K4-K5 Teacher

Office Manager
Mrs. Diane Coleman

Testimony for Mrs. Diane Coleman:

Mrs. Coleman is the oldest of six children in a family where her mom was Catholic and her dad was Lutheran. She explained that they didn't attend church often—only on Christmas, Easter and an occassional Sunday.  She originally went to a Catholic grade school until the 8th grade.  She explained that she knew God existed; however, she did not have a personal relationship with Him. She went on to state she was pretty much a typical teenager, nothing outstanding. She worked a variety of jobs, nursing assistant, secretary and so on.  She met her husband, Joel, when she was twenty five, and a year later they were married.  Her husband was raised knowing the Lord.  His parents were strong Christians, and were very active in their home church (Faith Baptist, in La Crosse).  Joel had her accompany him to church with him every Sunday.  At first, she said was not impressed, but eventually, she started truly listening to the messages, so that shortly before they were married, she came to accept Jesus into her life.  Diane and Joel came to Tomah around 2000, in order for Joel to be closer to work, and they enrolled their child into the newly formed school, that was just starting at Tomah Baptist Church. They have been actively involved in the church and school ever since. Diane now enjoys working in the school office, and you can see her friendly face when you walk in, or hear her voice greeting you when you call.